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Easy Summer Living

Summer is in full swing here. Even though its mild year round, there’s nothing quite like a Hawaiian summer. The water is so warm and the ocean breeze feels so refreshing. There definitely is a slower rhythm (if that is even possible!) during the summer. I try to spend as much time as I can outside in and out of the water.

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When the weather is right or an sudden inspiration overcomes you, knowing how to pack a picnic basket is the first step to get you out the door. Having a sturdy and stable basket on hand is a good place to start. I prefer the large French market totes, as they durable with strong leather handles and can easy hold over 40 lbs — quite the haul!

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Winter in Hawaii

Winter in Hawaii can be a bit wet and damp. We have had endless rain for the past two weeks and finally the sun is back out again. It’s amazing how the lifestyle truly revolves around the ocean and sun. Given the outdoor lifestyle, it’s hard to find things to do when it’s so wet and gray outside.

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