Rosé s'il vous plaît

How_To_Choose_A_ Rosé_Wine

It’s no wonder that rosé is an absolute favorite to serve at a picnic. Bright, fun, and pairs elegantly with a variety of foods, it’s a delight to serve anytime of the year. Ranging from fruity to floral in a spectrum of blush pinks, peaches, and corals, it’s a delicious addition to any picnic. It just makes eating outside all the more fun with a pink sip! I studied abroad in France for a year and absolutely immersed myself in the wine culture, just a drop in a bottle of the entire wine world.

Here are some tips on selecting one of those beautiful pink bottles off shelf for your next picnic soirée. Rosé is primarily produced from juicing red grapes and then allowing the juice to short for a short duration. As soon as the pink color appears, the skins are removed and the juices are allowed to ferment. Et voilà!

Provence produces some of the finest rosés at all different prices points, specifically from the Bandol region. Look for these winemakers for an exceptional yet affordable bottle: Tempier, Fleur de Mer Rosé, Domaine de Cala, and Chateaux D’Eclans. Looking for any wine in the provencal region is a good place to start, you can’t go wrong. California, Oregon, and Spain also offer some great rosés too.

Keep in mind that any red wine grape can be made into a rosé wine. The main flavor base of the wine will depend of the grape. For instance, pinot noir rosés usually have a rich, dark cherry and red berry flavor while a cabernet based rosé will have more blackberry and plum notes. Your red wine knowledge comes in handy here!

Rosé is meant to drunk very young, unlike some of it’s red bodied cousins. It is best slightly chilled but can be served at room temperature too. I personally like having a little of bubble too such as a Rosé Brut. One of my favorites is De Chanceny Crémant de Loire Rosé — just the right about of effervescence and delicate red fruity notes.

Here are a few more articles I find useful for selecting a delicious rosé for your next picnic. Maybe even host a rosé wine tasting picnic!