Picnic in Paradise


Maui’s lifestyle revolves around the ocean and sun. With tropical temperatures year round, picnics and outdoor entertaining are naturally apart of daily life. We are blessed with abundant locations in every climate zone that Maui has to offer — from the upcountry rolling hills alongside the crater to the black sandy beaches of Hanā. One thing is just about certain that is if it’s rainy on one side of the island, it’s probably sunny on the other! Finding a sunny and private spot all to yourself isn’t hard to find, even on this small island.

Whether you’re planning your next getaway or honeymoon, these are some of my favorite spots for setting up a little spread under the sun.

  1. Baldwin Beach

On Maui’s north shore, this beautiful stretch of sandy beach is just calling out for a picnic. Tuck in underneath the shady trees and take in the epic landscape of Iao Valley, Molokai, and the endless blues. Absolutely picturesque!

2. “Big” Beach

This is another gem of a beach and perhaps one of the most beautiful on the island. It’s called “big” beach for a reason! On the south shore of the island, this white sandy beach is a stunner with plenty of space to spread out and find a little spot to call your own. A beach not to miss!

3. Maluaka Beach

This is a tucked away spot on the south side in Wailea that is a sweet little spot for a romantic picnic. It’s fairly private, yet just enough beach to spread out and enjoy the amazing sunset. It’s very accessible especially if you have a large group or have a load to carry. It offers plenty of shade too.

4. Poli Poli State Park

Only 20 minutes drive upcountry from the beach will you find absolutely breathtaking spot for a picnic amongst the olive trees and lavender fields. There is no better spot for a sunset picnic with sweeping ocean and mountain views of the whole island. There is plenty of space and privacy to have your own little set up without being disturbed.

5. 1000 Peaks

Alongside the Honoapi'ilani highway you’ll see stretches of sandy beaches all the way to Lahaina. This is one of my favorite spots to relax in the summer. It is very family friendly and the beach is decorated washed up driftwood that work perfectly for a makeshift table. The gentle and easy waves make a fun spot for surfing and other water sports. If you’re looking for an surf-seaside picnic, this is the spot! Parking is right alongside the beach which makes it easy to transport your goods.

Wherever you choose, it’s bound to be beautiful and peaceful!