Winter in Hawaii

The winter in Hawaii can be a bit wet and damp. We have had endless rain for the past two weeks and finally the sun is back out again. It’s amazing how the lifestyle truly revolves around the ocean and sun. Given the outdoor lifestyle, it’s hard to find things to do when it’s so wet and gray outside. Creative indoor projects, cleaning, and baking are the extent of the daily activities. Although, I know I can’t complain given that it is subzero temperatures back home! I am deeply sensitive and affected by the amount of sun and the weather. S.A.D is a real thing!

One thing that I love about winter in Hawaii is the return of the majestic humpback whales. They travel from Alaska to the warm Hawaiian waters to give birth to their young. You truly can feel their presence. This past Sunday, we paddled out early in the morning to try and get a glimpse of these gentle giants. After only 30 minutes, we were surrounded by three different families! They dove so deep under my paddleboard I could not see them as I ducked under. Although my boyfriend, being a waterman, dove 20 feet deep only to find one family resting above the ocean floor. Mother, father, and baby all together as they sang their song to each other. You can hear their beautiful sound in the video he took. It was a sacred moment, one that we truly will treasure, especially knowing that they may not be around forever.

I wanted to share a little snapshot of island life and send you some sunshine to carry you through the long winter!

Hope you are enjoying the season,



Baldwin Beach
Coconut Trees
Cliffside, Ho'opkia
Baldwin Beach
Ho'okipa Cliffs