A Vermont summer

As much as I love the ocean and island life, my trip back home to Vermont was deeply restorative. It was exactly what I needed to recharge and fill myself up again. One paradise to another in my eyes.


Growing up on a farm has left an unforgettable mark within me that I can’t deny. Seeing all the familiar sights, sounds, and favorite spots at home was the best medicine for me. It was absolutely peaceful— endless blue sky and starry night kind of weather.


The garden was in full bloom, brimming with ripe summer vegetables and greens. I love to wander leisurely about the garden at sunset, picking that night’s dinner with glass of wine in hand. As a creative, I feel like I forget sometimes how much home can inspire you or reset your creativity.


I hope to live part of the year in Hawaii and Vermont. I miss the seasons terribly and feel like I’m missing apart of myself living in summer all year round. It’s hard to live without them when them have shaped so much of your identity and life experiences.